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How to Box Cookies for Shops on a Budget

Boxing your cookies for shops doesn't need to cost a fortune, but there's a balance to find between ordering boxes by the pallet and getting boxes for a few pence ...each.

I've tried dozens of boxes. Starting at market stalls, ecommerce and moving into retail, there are great options to keep your costs low as you start up. Don't listen to packaging designers or box makers who tell you the only way is a high quality printed box. They'll charge you a fortune and you'll be sitting with a ton of boxes, robbing you of your cashflow.

Look for ready made flat pack boxes that you can adapt your cookies to (or adapt the layout of the cookies inside). Build on them with high quality labels, rubber stamping and even home screen printing. Find the balance between taking up your time and working with the money you have at the start, but don't splash out on a ton of packaging at the beginning. Use "startup", "home entrepreneur" and "hand crafted" tag lines to make your lower cost packaging more acceptable to the consumer. When you have a shiny finished product and the capacity for thousands of cookies, then you're ready for volume, pre-printed packaging.
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