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PPMA 2022

I took a flight over to the PPMA show this year (2022). It's one of the biggest packaging shows in the UK and this year was particularly robot heavy.

I was ...
in the market for several bespoke parts and a robot potentially for 2023 so I was hoping to find a few good suppliers. With a couple of hundred suppliers I found everything I need, some superb new tech and several robotic solutions. I've already set up accounts with a couple of new suppliers and ear marked others as potential suppliers for next year.

I took a couple of videos of the most interesting robots there and put them together here. Interestingly the Epson robots were the most intriguing. The one on the left is telling the time by moving the metal pieces around the "clock face."

The big "spider" is ideal for conveyor systems and pick and pack, even for delicate products but if your budget was less than 100k GBP, you were at the wrong stand. (I was frequently at the wrong stand) 😀

Definitely worth a visit though, some very useful information and new suppliers to found. (There's also a Lindt shop in the shopping centre opposite the exhibition halls for when you have to apologise for getting up at 4am)
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